Everyone has something their afraid of. For some it’s spiders, snakes, heights or even the ocean. They can sometimes control us, they turn into the deciding factor for what we do next in our life. We can choose to run away from them or be strong and face them.

One fear I have noticed among new friends I have made this year in college is the fear of love: they’re afraid to love and to be loved in return. So many times I see something amazing happening between two friends that could turn into something beautiful and one of them decides it’s not worth it. They don’t know how it’s going to end up and they’re afraid it won’t last and that they’ll end up getting hurt. They don’t want to go through the pain and they don’t want to cause the other pain either. Many times they decide it isn’t worth even getting close to anyone just so that there isn’t even the possibility of them getting hurt or hurting anyone else. They live their life isolated from those who could possibly love them, and that’s not how we are supposed to live life!

Fear shouldn’t decide how you live. Your fears should make you want to try and be stronger and make you want to face them, maybe not at first but eventually they should. I know I get tired of being scared of something. I want them to either go away or I wish I was strong enough to face them, and the first is usually less likely to happen. So what do I do? I take a leap of faith that everything will be OK and I decide to face them, even if that means my heart gets crushed.

Letting fear control our life isn’t how we are meant to live. We have to be confident in the protection that God has for us. He isn’t going to let anything that you can’t handle or that isn’t a part of His plan for you. Now I’m not saying that nothing bad is ever going to happen, because it will, that’s just how life is. The key is to not let our fears keep us from living life to the fullest. We have to take those risks of being hurt, stepped on, talked about and having out hearts smashed into a million pieces. If we don’t live our life then we’ll never know how things could turn out. We can choose to stay stuck in the same place we’ve always been, safe and away from our fears, or we can choose to take that first step outside our boundaries.

So take that leap of faith, live your life outside your “safety circle” and enter the unknown. Who knows, it may be the best adventure you’ll ever have.

~If you never do, then you’ll never know.~ (From a Taco Bell hot-sauce packet. It’s amazing the type of inspiration you can find in the oddest places.)



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